101 - Treatment of tendinopathies in the lower extremity with Dr. Ebonie Rio

Apr 21, 2023

💭 “If you had someone with achilles tendinopathy you would want to start early on calf raises but you would not give that exercise to someone with peritendinitis because that is their provocative load. - Dr. Ebonie Rio.

👉🏻 Our guest is Dr. Ebonie Rio, PT, Ph.D. Ebonie is a Sports Physiotherapist and the Senior Clinical Research Fellow at The Australian Ballet. She also works at the Victorian Institute of Sport, co-chairs the Research Council, and consults broadly on complex injuries including with multiple AFL and AFLW clubs, Rugby, Soccer, and Basketball. Her extensive clinical experience includes working with prestigious events like the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics. Ebonie has a Ph.D. in tendon pain, a Master's in Sports Phys, and a Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy and Applied Science. Her research work has won several awards, including the Victorian Fresh Scientist of the Year 2015, ASICS SMA Best New Investigator 2004, 2013 & 2014 in Clinical Sports Medicine, and the Professor Mollie Holman medal for the best thesis of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Monash University 2015, among others. Ebonie is one of the top tendinopathy researchers globally and has a Research Gate score of >95% of all academics. She is ranked fourth worldwide for 'tendinopathy' researchers by ExpertScape.

📚You will learn about:

▪️ Ebonie's story and career

▪️ Achilles, patellar, hamstring, and gluteal tendinopathy

▪️ Differential diagnoses of LE tendinopathies

▪️ Treatment of tendinopathy in the LE

▪️ Advice to clinicians who are starting their careers

▪️ How to become successful in Physical Therapy


🔎Ebonie's favorite resource of information:

  • Infographics
  • https://www.latrobe.edu.au/sport-and-exercise-medicine
  • Podcasts


📲 Ebonie's contact information:

LinkedIn: Ebonie Rio

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📩Email: [email protected]


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