100 - Strategies to help clinicians with MDT care with Dr. Yoav Suprun

Apr 11, 2023

💭 “There is no core muscle you can strengthen to such a degree that will keep your spine in the S curvature. People strengthen their core but yet they slouch” - Dr. Yoav Suprun.

👉🏻 Our guest is Dr. Yoav Suprun, DPT, OCS, Dip. MDT, CSCS. Dr. Yoav is a TEDx speaker and has been practicing physical therapy since 2003 after graduating from NYU. He is a senior faculty member at the McKenzie Institute USA branch. He is also the Founder and CEO of "SoBe Spine," a concierge physical therapy clinic located in Miami Beach, Florida. Dr. Yoav has been featured in multiple media outlets for his work discussing the McKenzie Method, including CBS, NBC, Huffington Post, Dr. Oz, and Shape magazine, among others. In addition to his clinical work, he lectures nationally and internationally on the topics of prevention and self-treatment for common neck, back, and extremity pain.


📚You will learn about:

▪️ Yoav's story and career

▪️ Back pain myths (core strengthening & no pain no gain)

▪️ What are McKenzie flexion exercises & when to use them

▪️ How to maintain a derangement reduction

▪️ The importance of implementing functional fitness 

▪️ How to age with elegant posture


📲 Yoav's contact information:

  • LinkedIn: Yoav Suprun
  • Instagram: DrYOAV
  • Twitter: @AskDrYoav

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